Вопрос: Why Is Aegislash So Good?

Is Aegislash banned?

2 Answers.

He was not banned from competitive play, he was banned from OU to Ubers, the tier of the most powerful Pokemon.

However it was only banned by a competitive community named Smogon, a community known to be the center of competitive play, because of its great impact on it, however it is technically not official ….

What’s a good nature for Aegislash?

Aegislash – Recommended NaturesNatureTraitsQuietSp.Atk↑ / Speed↓ The lower speed is necessary to avoid going first and eating an attack in Sword Forme.BraveAtk↑ / Speed↓ Same as above, but for a physical build.Mar 8, 2020

Is Aegislash rare?

Aegislash – 95/236 – Holo Rare (Discard all cards attached to it.) Trash Slash 10× – This attack does 10 damage for each Item card in your discard pile. You can’t do more than 130 damage in this way.

Did Aegislash get nerfed?

Aegislash is the only Pokemon to get nerfed (compared to gen 7, not Let’s Go). Its SpA and SpD in its sword form is now 140 instead of 150, and its Def and SpD in Shield form are now 140 instead of 150.

Why is Aegislash banned?

Ban it with fire!” According to the user Valentine, this was one of the reasons a ban was proposed. Aegislash could “constantly force 50/50s with King’s Shield.” Physical attackers that chose to attack at the wrong time would pay dearly, meaning a battle against Aegislash could sometimes turn into a battle of chance.

Why is swagger banned Pokemon?

The reason for the ban was largely to stop the strategy known as SwagPlay. This is where a Pokemon, especially a prankster user like Klefki or Liepard, used Swagger, Thunder Wave, and Foul Play. Confusion + Paralysis makes the victim extremely unlikely to attack.

Why is Wobbuffet banned?

There were two main reasons Wobbuffet was banned in tournaments. … So, if it’s holding leftovers, it will actually recover more damage than it is being dealt by another Wobbuffet’s Struggle and by the recoil from Struggle. And because they both have Shadow Tag, they couldn’t switch out.

Why was mega rayquaza banned?

Mega Rayquaza, the great legendary Pokémon from the recently released Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, has been confirmed by Smogon to be much too obscenely overpowered for any kind of competitive play, as it is now the first ever Pokémon to be banned from the Uber Tier of online Pokémon matches.

What is the best item for Aegislash?

We have a choice between Sacred Sword and Iron Head for Aegislash’s primary attacking move. STAB Iron Head has more raw power, deals more neutral damage, and gives Aegislash a reliable option against Fairy-types, but Sacred Sword offers better type coverage, hitting many common threats for super-effective damage.

Is Aegislash strong?

Pokemon Sword and Shield Aegislash Sword is a Steel and Ghost Type, which makes it weak against Ground, Fire, Ghost, Dark type moves. The Max IV Stats of Aegislash Sword are 60 HP, 140 Attack, 140 SP Attack, 50 Defense, 50 SP Defense, and 60 Speed. …

Is Aegislash a legendary?

Aegislash (Japanese: ギルガルド Gillgard) is a dual-type Steel/Ghost Pokémon introduced in Generation VI. It evolves from Doublade when exposed to a Dusk Stone. It is the final form of Honedge. Aegislash has the ability to change forms during battle, depending on the moves it is using….Height.5’07″1.7 m0’0″0 m{{{form4}}}5 more rows

What level should I evolve Doublade?

re: When to evolve Doublade. Wait until level 51 when Doublade learns Sacred Sword.

Why is mega lucario banned?

Not only did it get the stat boosts, but its new ability, Adaptability, means that with STAB Bullet Punch and Vacuum Wave are 80 base power, and Close Combat is 240 base power. Because of all this Mega-Lucario was thought too powerful by Smogon, and so they banned it.

Why is Conkeldurr banned?

Due to the censor that prevents Pokémon with offensive nicknames being traded on the GTS, an English language Conkeldurr cannot be traded without a nickname in Pokémon Black and White. It’s for the ‘offensive’ part of the name. Below is a list of pokemon I’ve found that also can’t be traded without a nickname.

What tier is Aegislash?

BaseTypeSteel Ghost Immune to: Fighting Normal Poison Strongly resists: Bug Resists: Dragon Fairy Flying Grass Ice Psychic Rock Steel Weak to: Dark Fire Ghost GroundAbilitiesStance Change If Aegislash, changes Forme to Blade before attacks and Shield before King’s Shield.TierUber